Best Wedding Speech Ideas and Examples

Giving a wedding speech is not an opportunity that comes too often. In fact, most of us will have only one chance for that and that is why the speech has to be special. You won’t get a second chance for this, so it is an imperative not to mess it up.

Although even the simplest wedding speech will surely be well received, just getting it done is not what you want. Your goal is not only to appear charming to the audience at the wedding, but you also want the bride and groom to know how much you care about them.

We realize that doing this just sounds easy, but most of you will run into problems when writing the speech. It’s understandable – writing speeches is not your profession. Perhaps, it would be better to leave it to professionals?!

Luckily for you, our company is here to help you with best wedding speech ideas, but will also provide you with examples that will hopefully inspire you to write something that matters. We can even help you with the speech itself. In fact, we can write it for you. Simply share with us your impressions about the bride and the groom, and we will do our best to come up with an amazing wedding speech, no one will forget. Together, we can create magic.

On top of that, because of our vast experience, we can tell you what to do and what to avoid at any cost when doing the speech. We will surely give you advices and point out the key features of a wedding speech. So let’s start with the thing you should forget about – cliché phrases.

Clichés – Sworn Enemies of a Good Wedding Speech

Best wedding speeches are what stay in the people’s memories. However, writing an effective speech is far from being an easy task. In fact, there are so many things that can go wrong. First of all, no one likes boring people, so you need to keep your speech interesting. A sure sign that a person is going to do a tedious wedding speech is if they start it with “If I had a dollar for every time blah blah” and similar phrases.

Best wedding speeches

Some people believe that these kinds of openers are charming, but in fact, most people will find them annoying. A great way to spark wedding speech ideas in your mind is to look at it in a sort of different way. Try to imagine that you are a comedian doing their routine on the stage. Do you think the audience will love a joke they’ve heard hundreds of times before?

In fact, instead of letting you get tempted to use certain clichés for your wedding speech, we’ve decided to provide with a list of cheesy phrases to watch out for:

  • “It’s not the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away.”
  • “Live, laugh, love.”
  • “Sing like no one is listening. Dance like nobody is watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt. “
  • “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”
  • “Live every day like it’s your last.”
  • “YOLO.”

If you decide to let us help you with the wedding speech, you can be certain that we will not use any platitudes. Instead, we proud ourselves for making only the speeches that are totally unique. You can be sure that the speech we make for you has never been heard before.

Good vs. Bad Jokes

Forget about clichés, they can only make you seem dull and ignorant. Instead, try to be creative and do something completely different. Perhaps, start your wedding speech with a joke or an anecdote about the bride or the groom.

You can probably get away with a bad joke in your wedding speech. Apart from a few moments of awkward silence and few judgmental looks, you probably won’t do much harm to the whole wedding, but that dumb pun can hunt you as a bad memory for years. That is why we urge you to think twice before telling a joke that can hurt the feelings of someone, especially the bride or the groom.

Puns like “If I’m the best man, why is the bride with him?” are alright as no one can get offended by them. However, if you think of telling something in the line of this “You’ve married Miss Right. First name, Always”, you might need to think twice, especially if there might be some hidden truth in the joke.

The same goes for the speeches containing sexual references. Vulgar wedding speech jokes are out of discussion, while you should also refrain yourself speaking about more “spicy” things from private lives of the newlyweds.

It looks like the jokes about the stag do have been very popular lately, especially in the speeches of the best men. A funny wedding speech is expected if you are the best man or maid of honor. However, when it comes to vows of the newlyweds, they are supposed to influence other reactions, not laughter.

The thing you need to remember when writing your wedding speech is that you can allow yourself to be creative. Weddings are happy occasions, so even if your speech is not that funny people will laugh. At the same time, you should remember that your task as the person holding the speech is to touch on positive emotions of the people at the wedding.

Show the Newlyweds Your Love

The key thing to remember when preparing the wedding speech is that the wedding is all about the newlyweds. If you decide on our services, you will need to provide us with interesting anecdotes from the lives of the bride or the groom. Those stories will show everyone how good persons they are and how much you care for them.

On top of that, you need to compliment the newlyweds on their looks and let them know you think they are the perfect couple. If you are the groom, you need to tell the bride that you are certain she is the woman of your life. If it comes from your hearth, you can be sure it won’t seem cheesy.

Do Not Mention Anything Controversial

You must refrain yourself from mentioning unpleasant topics. That includes speaking about former partners, relatives who have not responded to the invitation to the wedding, etc. We strongly advise you not to mention any misunderstandings or quarrels, even if they’ve been resolved.

If your speech offends someone, there’s no way back. It will always remain recorded on the tape, reminding everyone about the mess you’ve made with the speech. The same goes for swearing. You do not want to have the grandmother pass out because of your recklessness.

If you believe that the newlyweds are not right for each other, this is not an opportunity to share your opinion with others. If you cannot come up with a good, positive and cheerful voice, let someone else do this task.

The best way to avoid any possible problems is to consult us when writing the speech. Forget about improvisation and let us write something that will bring the smile on people’s faces.

Writing a Wedding Speech

Can you teach me how to write a wedding speech? This is a question we get on a regular basis. The short answer is yes!  The long one is yes, but we advise against it. The reason why we think you shouldn’t do it on your own is that it would probably be your first time. Like anything else in life, you don’t want your first time to be disappointing. Avoid all risk by letting our company help you.

how to write a wedding speech

We are professionals in writing wedding speeches. That means that we can write breathtaking speeches in a timely manner. You need us and we need you. Despite being able to write emotional speeches, we can’t do anything without your help. You must be involved in the wedding speech, even if you leave the writing work to us.

We feel the best thing is to work together on the wedding speech. If we join forces, we can create something truly memorable. Our experience in writing speeches combined with your love for the bride and groom can only bring good things. If both you and we give our best into creating this wedding speech, it will surely become one of the things that will stay in the memory of the bride and the groom.

Wedding Speech Sample

Perhaps the best way to show you how good we are in writing wedding speeches is by providing you with an example. However, a single sample will not do the work as bride wedding speech cannot be the same as the best man speech.

That is why we decided you to provide you with a few different examples. Let’s start with one that is meant for a groom.

The opener should be paying respect to everyone who has come to attend the wedding. We also need you to pay attention to and thank the parents of the bride. You can say something in the line of “thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter”.

Make a toast to all the bridesmaids that have graced the celebration.  You can also thank the best man on arrival and for all the duties he took on himself. You can use this opportunity to say a few words about him. This is also an opportunity to thank the people who had helped with the wedding organization.

The key part of the groom’s wedding speech is the one about the bride. We can’t give you an example on how to do this. It has to come straight from your heart. Instead, we can teach you how to free your emotions and tell her she’s the only one. Also remember to emphasize all the wonderful personality traits of your spouse which make you want to spend your whole life next to her.

Bride’s Speech

If you are the bride, who needs an inspiration for a wedding speech, the next paragraph might help you.

When it comes to the bridal speech, it’s a relatively modern trend. In traditional history, only the groom and the bride’s father were expected to give their speech. But in modern times, that is not the case. If the bride wants, there are a few rules that can be followed.

Bride Wedding Speech

You can thank everyone for coming at first. A simple “thank you all making this day even more special” might sound corny, but should do the trick. Highlight all the people who wanted to come, but were not able to attend the ceremony. Feel free to thank people whom you find to have a special place in your hearth, like your parents and your best friends.  Our advice for you is to do all of this before, starting with the main part of your speech – the story of the man of your life.

By this point, everyone is expecting to hear a romantic anecdote about you two, but instead, you can keep the story to yourself. Sometimes, the memories we care about the most are those we keep to ourselves.

Instead of a romantic story, you can tell one that is a funny story. Remember, it has to involve the two of you. Once you make everyone smile, you can call all the people to the dance floor. In fact, this is your special day and you can do whatever you want!

Wedding Speech of the Father of the Bride

Traditionally, the wedding speech of the father of the bride is the one that comes first. Together with the best man’s speech, it’s the key feature of the wedding ceremony. That means that if your daughter is getting married, you will have to gold a speech.

We realize that the wedding of your daughter is among the most important days in your life, so messing up the wedding speech would be a disaster. You have a lot of like, because we can help you with it, assuring that nothing unplanned happens.

If you decide to hire us to help you with the speech for your daughter’s wedding, we will provide you with the ideas and cautions about what and what not to say. A good start of the speech is thanking everyone for coming. The next part is a bit tricky as it involves talking about your darling child. From experience, we can tell you that the most emotional speeches are those held by the bride’s father. You can get carried away and forget about everything, so it is very important to come prepared.

We advise you that for the most important part of the speech, you tell an anecdote from your daughter’s childhood. After that, it is time to welcome the groom to the family. It does not hurt to offer some good fatherly advice or a couple of wise words about married life. All can be supported with a joke or a cute anecdote from your marriage.

Best Man’s and the Speech of the Maid of Honor

Both the best man and the maid of honor are among those who hold speeches in modern-day weddings. Usually, the best man has the duty to be funny. While the speeches of the bride and the groom can cause tears of joy, the speech of the best man is all about laughter. If you are the best man, we advise you to take the opportunity to tell a few funny, but positive, anecdotes about the groom. We can help you make them more interesting.

The maid of honor’s speech is directed toward the bride and her happiness that’s about to follow. You can continue with a set of cute short stories about her and remember to tell her that you couldn’t be happier for her for finding the love of her life.

Father of the Groom Speech

The two people who are in charge of fun at a wedding are the best man and the father of the groom. While the speech of the father of the bride is usually filled with emotions, the speech of the groom’s father should be funny. In fact, most of these speeches are filled with puns pointed toward the son, that is, the groom.

If your son is getting married and you need to hold the father of the groom speech, you are at the right place. The task might seems easy for you, but believe us, if you want to make it memorable, you need our help. Unless you are a professional comedian, it won’t be easy for you to come up with the speech that will be funny, but seemly. So, let us help you with it!

Tips and Tricks on How to do a Speech

The rule every person who is doing a speech needs to remember is the “two drinks, five minutes” rule. Basically, you need to keep in mind that two drinks before the speech are more than enough to take away the jitters, while noting taking a toll on your clear mind. When it comes to the second part of the rule, five minutes of talk is perfect for your speech.

Tips and Tricks on How to do a Speech

In fact, you can say plenty of things in those five minutes. Five minutes is more than enough to deliver your message to the newlyweds, while not making them sleepy. Everything above that might seem boring, while if you keep it under five minutes, some may find that you didn’t care about the speech enough. If you are a person who easily gets carried away, let someone else keep the track of the time and signalize when the five minutes are up.

Practise before the Speech

It would be good if you could practice your “performance” in the days before the wedding. That way, the tension couldn’t get to you. With enough practice, you can be sure that your speech will go without mumbling or stutter. It is one of a few times in your life when you have the undivided attention of a large number of people, so you need to return the courtesy by doing a good speech.

Should You Use Alcohol Against Stage Fright?

Not at all! Adrenaline will increase the effects of alcohol, so you will look like you’re being bitten swarm of insects. You can lose control of your tongue and start mumbling. An even worse scenario is to keep track of the common sense and start telling jokes that are far from being appropriate.

Remember: It’s all about the Bride and the Groom

You are not the star of the wedding, regardless of the fact that you are giving a wedding speech. This day is all about the newlyweds, so you need to keep that in mind the whole time. Be careful about the observations you make as what you say on their wedding day will always stay in their memory.

Inspirational Quotes

For the end, we decided to show you some wedding speech quotes that inspired us to start with this work in the first place. Hopefully, these quotes will have the same effect on you.


Best Wedding Speech Ideas and Examples

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