Sister of the Bride Speech Ideas and Examples

For many women, their sister has become their very best friend. There is a very special bond between sisters, or at least there should be. When there is, there is no greater advocate or friend that one can have than the loving adoration of their sister. If this is the kind of relationship that you […]

Funny Best Man Speech – Joke Examples and One Liners

The best man has one of the most significant parts in any wedding. Not only is he standing next to the groom helping to prepare his friend or brother to move into the most significant portion of his life, but also the best man plays a very significant role in the wedding planning and the […]

Best Bride Wedding Speech Examples and Ideas

So he finally popped the question. That is so awesome. You are about to be married to the man of your dreams and your life will be a joy to say the least. There is simply nothing better than this, that is for sure. Since the proposal you have had a lot to do. There […]

Father of The Groom Speech Examples, Templates and Tips

Seeing your son finally getting ready to tie the knot is a really exciting time. This is a big moment in your family and you want to enjoy it to the fullest. This is the hope and dream of every parent that they would see one day when their child found the perfect match, and […]

Best Groom Speech Examples, Templates, Jokes and Tips

So the big day is coming soon. You have found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. You popped the question and she most assuredly told you yes. You told all of your family, and they were absolutely thrilled. Your friends were super happy when you told them as well. […]

Best Man Speech Ideas, Templates and Examples

Everyone likes a wedding. The union of a man with a woman is truly a blessed occasion and unites two families into one. It is one of those events that everyone remembers for years to come. Many who are involved in the wedding party find that putting the blessed event together can really be a […]

Best Bridesmaid Speech Examples and Ideas

Wedding is the most important thing for most people, so all aspects of it are equally important. Keep in mind that even the smallest mistake on a wedding day may have a catastrophic effect on the entire wedding. A good thing is that there are most rules and most tasks can be defined, so they […]

Best Matron of Honor Speech Samples

How to write a matron of honor speech is the most common question when it comes to weddings. At the same time, it is the most severe and the hardest task that every matron of honor has. Keep in mind that this is a serious task that will have a serious consequence of the wedding […]

Best Mother of The Bride Speech Examples

Every mother is the happiest woman when her daughter is getting married. This is a huge day and it is one of the most important ones in the life. On the other side, as a mother you have a tough choice. You are going to need the best mother of the bride speech in order […]

Best Maid of Honor Speech Ideas and Examples

Being the maid of honor is a very prestigious thing indeed. It is given to someone that has been a longtime friend of the bride, often a woman that is more like a sister than a friend. In fact, often the maid of honor is the sister of the bride, making the occasion even more […]