15 Creative Ways To Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Being someone’s bridesmaid is a big responsibility. They are not only there to help with technical stuff but also to be emotional support for the bride. This beautiful but also stressful day can be very hard for certain brides, and that is why they need all the help they can get. Bridesmaids are usually close […]

Bridesmaid Duties and Responsibilities with Checklist

Bridesmaids are usually bride’s friends or cousins. They are bride’s chaperones and they help her throughout the whole wedding. Choosing your bridesmaids can be difficult, especially if you have a wide range of friends. But whoever you chose, make sure they are your closest friends. This day is mostly gathering of friends and family who […]

Maid of Honor Duties and Responsibilities with Checklist

Getting married is not only something every girl dreams of from when they were little. It is a day not full of emotions but also a lot of stress and responsibilities. To handle everything by herself is unimaginable for the bride, and this is where Maid of Honor comes in a form of a right […]

Best Man Duties and Responsibilities with Checklist

Wedding is a big day. Two people become tied for life and celebrate their new future together. Since it means a lot to them, everyone from their family and friend group need to be there for them and make sure they have the time of their life. This is why choosing the right people to […]

Maid of Honor Gifts Ideas

Maid of honor is not only in the spotlight for being responsible for a lot of the work during the wedding, she is also bride’s closest friend and someone who she trusts. Maid of honor makes sure everything goes as planned during the wedding and that the bride has all the emotional support she needs. […]