Best Bridesmaid Speech Examples and Ideas

Wedding is the most important thing for most people, so all aspects of it are equally important. Keep in mind that even the smallest mistake on a wedding day may have a catastrophic effect on the entire wedding. A good thing is that there are most rules and most tasks can be defined, so they […]

Best Matron of Honor Speech Samples

How to write a matron of honor speech is the most common question when it comes to weddings. At the same time, it is the most severe and the hardest task that every matron of honor has. Keep in mind that this is a serious task that will have a serious consequence of the wedding […]

Best Mother of The Bride Speech Examples

Every mother is the happiest woman when her daughter is getting married. This is a huge day and it is one of the most important ones in the life. On the other side, as a mother you have a tough choice. You are going to need the best mother of the bride speech in order […]

Best Maid of Honor Speech Ideas and Examples

Being the maid of honor is a very prestigious thing indeed. It is given to someone that has been a longtime friend of the bride, often a woman that is more like a sister than a friend. In fact, often the maid of honor is the sister of the bride, making the occasion even more […]

Best Father of The Bride Speech Examples, Jokes and Tips

Your daughter is finally getting married. There are quite a few emotions that you are probably feeling right now and the last thing on your mind is what you’re going to say for your father of the bride speech. Not to worry, there are plenty of options for you as the day gets much closer. […]

Sister of The Groom Speech Samples

Weddings are a very joyous time in a family’s life. They are a reason to bring together friends and family from all over the world. There is quite a lot of pressure during a wedding for the sister of the groom however. The sister of the groom is generally asked to give a speech for […]

Traditional Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

A wedding is an incredible occasion. It is not only the event that celebrates two people coming together in a ceremony where they make their commitment to stay together as husband and wife until death, but it is also a time where friends and family can come together to celebrate the couple and the new […]

Irish and Scottish Wedding Toast – Speech Examples and Tips

With no offense intended toward either those who are Scottish or the Irish, the fact of the matter is that both cultural groups know how to celebrate. That is no truer than during a wedding. This is one of the most momentous occasions in a person’s life, and so it is properly celebrated. The food […]

Master of Ceremony Wedding Speech Examples, Jokes and Tips

A wedding is an amazing event that draws people together for one of the most momentous occasions that will occur in a person’s life. It is truly something special. To make it such a special occasion there is a great deal that goes into it that makes it all come together in such a way […]

Rehearsal Dinner Speech Examples and Tips

There are many parts that make a wedding fantastic. Combined, these pieces make for the most amazing day a man and woman will have together. However, one major challenge can turn a day of bliss into a day they just wish would get over soon. This is why you want everything to work out as […]