Maid of Honor Gifts Ideas


Maid of honor is not only in the spotlight for being responsible for a lot of the work during the wedding, she is also bride’s closest friend and someone who she trusts. Maid of honor makes sure everything goes as planned during the wedding and that the bride has all the emotional support she needs.

Since wedding can be stressful, brides can reward their maids of honor for their hard work and great help, and we will list some gift ideas you can give to your friend.

Creative and affordable gifts

If your wedding needs to stay on budget or if you don’t have a big budget to work with, a customized and DIY gift is always a great idea. Your maid of honor will appreciate your effort and expensive gifts are not always dear as the ones that come from the heart. There are plenty of ideas for a maid of honor gifts on the internet, so you can simply copy them and show your love to your friend.

If you are not too crafty you can always order something, or get something custom made for your maid of honor.

  • DIY necklace is something you can make on many different ways. You can use rhinestones, glitter or wire. You can curve the wire into your maid of honors name or some other word with which you can show her your appreciation.
  • Pack your maid of honor a box full of old memories, photographs and a letter in which you can spill your emotions and love for your special friend. This way she will always have something to remember even when this big day is over.
  • If you can’t afford something too expensive, a small piece of jewelry with a note or a nice memo engraved will be just right. She can then have this as a memory of the wedding for the rest of her life, and it is also a nice way to thank her for her help.
  • This advice is for the artistic brides. If you like to paint or draw you can always sketch something for your maid of honor and write a memo on the back of the painting to show her your appreciation.
  • And if you are not too good with the paints, you can always print out the photograph of you two and give it to her together with a note in which you can thank her.
  • Make a scrapbook with all of your photographs and memories you shared together and give it to your maid of honor. This gives you the opportunity to include everything that is important for the two of you without limitations. In the end write her a nice letter saying how much she means to you and thank her for her help.
  • Personalized candles are also a beautiful gift if your friend enjoys decorating her home. Pick her favorite scent and wrap them up as a present for her.
  • Sports goods are a good idea for your maid of honor who likes to exercise or if she practices sport regularly. This gift is practical and useful and she will surely use it later on.
  • Personalized robe is another great idea. Not many of us have this in our wardrobe, so this will be a great reminder of the wedding day.
  • Monogrammed shirt can also be a nice gift for your maid of honor if your budget is a little bit tight.
  • Ring dish with a nice message on it or a vintage hand mirror with monogram on it can be a nice gift as well.

More expensive gift ideas

When you have a little bit bigger budget for your wedding, you can then afford to spend a bit more on your maid of honor. When the budget is bigger the options are wider so you can choose to give her almost everything you can imagine.

We will list few ideas you can use as an inspiration or that you can actually give to your maid of honor as a sign of appreciation for her effort.

  • Treat your maid of honor with a spa day. This way you will give her something more valuable than expensive things and those are memories. Make that day all about her and let her have a time of her life. You can laugh, relax, and enjoy the treatments. It is best to avoid wedding talk to reduce the stress, so just kick back and relax without the worries.
  • If you have a little bigger budget you can give your maid of honor an expensive piece of jewelry with engraving together with a thank you note. There is no maid of honor who wouldn’t like this kind of gift.
  • Perfume is always a nice idea. But for this occasion you can treat your maid of honor with something more extravagant and more expensive than her usual perfume. Just make sure you know her taste, and if you are close you probably won’t have a problem with that.
  • Any type of pampering product like face cleansing brushes and other products is a great idea. If you are not keen on sentimentality then giving her something practical is great.
  • Monogrammed make-up bag with goodies can’t be wrong. Fill your maid of honor’s bag with her favorite make- up and put it inside of a personalized make up bag. This way when the make-up is gone she will always have a nice reminder of the wedding. Depending on the budget you can gift her more expensive make-up or less expensive one.
  • Maid of honor dress is something that is necessary for the wedding. If you want your friend to have something to remind her of that big day, offer to pay for the dress and gift it to her.
  • Take your maid of honor on a short trip after the wedding. This will be a great way to show your best friend how much she means to you. You will get a chance to make new memories and spend some time together discussing how everything went on the big day.

When to get the gift for your maid of honor

Depending on your gift, it is usually a custom to give your maid of honor gift before the wedding when all the work is finished. If your gift requires you to spend the whole day with your maid of honor, then you can offer her that gift when the wedding is over. Since there is no set timeline in which you can gift your maid of honor something, you can pick the time by yourself.

Gifts for the bridesmaids and the maid of honor are usually handed out during the rehearsal dinner when everybody is gathered around. You can give a toast to your friends and family that have been there for you during the preparations. This way you can show your maid of honor how much she means to you and put her in the spotlight for a change.

Choosing the right gift

Gifts are hard to choose even for the closest family and friends. Even if you know what the other person likes, there is a possibility they won’t like them. When choosing a gift for your maid of honor you need to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you have guessed what she likes, it is important to show her you appreciate her.

So don’t overthink your gift and go with something personal or sentimental, like a scrap book if you can’t think of something else. A nice piece of jewelry or personalized items are always a great idea, because she will have something to remember this big day.

Gift shopping depends on your wedding budget, so don’t feel bad if you can’t afford something expensive. Keep in mind that she is your friend, and she is not doing this for the present. Giving her the position of a maid of honor is a gift by itself since you are putting her in the spotlight and stating her as your closest and biggest friend.

In the end try to find something that will represent your love for your friend. It doesn’t matter how expensive the gift is because if she is your close friend she won’t blame you for it. Everything you give to her will be a nice token of gratitude for her help during the whole wedding. It is always nice to give her something that she can keep for the rest of her life as a reminder of this beautiful day.