What Is The Difference Between a Maid of Honor and a Matron of Honor?


Getting ready for the big day can be really stressful. This is the moment when you need all the help you can get and usually that help comes from maid of honor or matron of honor besides all of your other friends and family.

These two share many responsibilities, but they are still not considered to be the same thing. We will try to explain difference between these two and get you informed about their duties.

Difference between maid and matron of honor

You are probably well known with the fact that maid of honor can be your best friend or perhaps your cousin or sister. Making this decision is not easy. Maid of honor selection puts this person in the spotlight, and you are basically choosing that person as your closest and best friend.

Matron of honor, on the other hand, can be your sister, cousin or friend but the main difference is that she is married. So, maid of honor can be your single friend or someone else and your matron of honor needs to be married to take this function.

Matron and maid of honor responsibilities

When it comes to duties, they both share the same tasks. They are the ones that help the bride get everything done in time and just the way she imagined it. Both of them, depending on the fact which one you have, help before, during and after the wedding ceremony. Their duties are very responsible and important, so every bride needs to choose her “right hand” carefully.

Here are some duties both matron of honor and maid of honor have before, during and after the ceremony.

Duties before the ceremony:

  • Before the actual ceremony matron or maid of honor help the bride during dress shopping. This role is very important since they become emotional support for the bride-to-be. Dress shopping and moment when the bride sees her perfect dress can be very emotional, so they are there to share that beautiful moment with her.
  • Matron and maid pick out the bridesmaids dresses and jewelry together with the bride.
  • Matron and maid of honor help the bride get organized and perhaps even send out her invitations for her. These tasks can be very overwhelming, so they need to help the bride as much as possible.
  • Bridal showers and bachelorette party are maid or matron of honor responsibilities. And by that I mean everything, from hosting them to picking out the theme and all the other details. They also take care of bride’s gifts that are gifted on those parties.
  • One of the most important roles of both matron and maid of honor is emotional support. This role with all of the chaos going around them.
  • is somehow implemented in all of the tasks. Bride needs her closest people to be there for her when she is planning the most important day of her life, and this is why choosing the right people is everything.

When the actual ceremony starts, maid or matron of honor, are responsible for almost everything.

  • They need to be always around the bride to help her with everything and anything. They also need to know their responsibilities so that everything can go as planned.
  • They guide bridesmaids throughout the ceremony and show them their responsibilities.
  • They also make sure bride has enough to eat and drink during the ceremony, since sometimes they can forget about themselves.
  • They also welcome guests and make sure everybody knows their place and that everyone is seated.
  • Maid or matron of honor play the role of marriage witness. They sign the marriage certificate and witness the couple’s wedding ceremony.
  • When couples are exchanging the vows they hold bride’s bouquet and help her with her veil or her dress so that she can move freely.
  • Holding a speech is always a nice touch. This is the moment to express your gratitude for the bride and the groom, and moment to thank your friend for choosing you for this important role.
  • Since the bride will be in a real chaos during her wedding, matron or maid of honor need to remind everyone where they should be and do that just in time. No one can be late for the reception or anything else, or the whole ceremony might turn into a disaster.
  • Another important role is to make sure no one from the bridesmaids or groomsmen or the couple gets too drunk. No one wants to have incidents on their wedding, so maid or matron of honor needs to play the role of the responsible one.

After the ceremony is over matron or maid of honor continue their role.

  • They help the bride to change from her dress into something more comfortable when she heads of to her honeymoon.
  • They can also take care of the gifts and envelopes that the guests have brought for the happy couple. This duty is not obligatory, bride decides whether she trusts her maid or matron with this responsibility.
  • Maid and matron of honor make sure that everybody is having a good time and that all of them don’t forget their things when they prepare to go home.
  • Maid or matron of honor can be a true dancing queen on the ceremony. She can share a dance with the best man, the groom and other groomsmen.

Choosing a maid of honor or matron of honor is a very big thing for the bride. She needs to pick that one special person who will be next to her the whole time and that will help her with all of the work. Matron of honor and maid of honor both have the same responsibilities and one of the most important ones is the emotional support.

They are not only there to fulfill their duties they mean much more to the bride. Whoever gets this important role needs to be committed and help her friend in every way. Being matron or a maid of honor connects two friends or two sisters in a special way, and that is why they need to stick together and be there for each other in every step of the way.